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  • Croke Park, section: 722, row: O, seat: 21
    All Ireland Final
    Could not fault the seat in any way.had a perfect unobstructed view of all 4 corners of the pitch on an absolutely magical day for Limerick
  • Pairc Ui Chaoimh, section: 306, row: U, seat: 5
    Cork vs Limerick
    One of the best seats in the house, right behind the commentators. Munster Hurling Championship
  • Anfield, section: CE7 (now Kenny Dalglish stand), row: 11, seat: 178
    Liverpool FC vs Burnley FC
    Excellent hospitality ticket, perfect view
  • Anfield, section: L11, row: 41, seat: 0046
    Liverpool FC vs AFC Bournemouth
    Hospitality Code Lounge ticket from Champions Travel.Excellent view
  • Anfield, section: 126, row: 20, seat: 157
    UEFA Champions League Semi-Final Liverpool vs Roma
    Good seat on an absolutely epic European night at Anfield.Had a brilliant view of Salah's world class opening goal. It was difficult to see who got the finishing touches for the other 3 goals in the second half but overall very happy
  • Croke Park, section: 328, row: U, seat: 11
    Very good seat on the 21 near the Davin End. Can see the Hill 16 goal clearly and the big screen for replays

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  • Croke Park, section: 319, row: FF, seat: 27
    Good view, would not want to be much lower, was relying on the big screen for action at the Hill End at times. The netting behind the goal didn't help as well as times
  • Semple Stadium, section: 209, row: FF, seat: 12
    Cork vs Clare
    Very good seat, was not affected by any pillar blocking view and a decent height. Munster Hurling Final
  • Croke Park, section: 328, row: Z, seat: 9
    All Ireland Semi Final Clare vs Galway
    Very good seat. Covered which was handy as it rained in extra time, decent height. Decent view of both goals
  • Croke Park, section: 335, row: JJ, seat: 1
    All Ireland Semi-Final Cork vs Limerick
    Very good seat, and at a very good height. Perfect view of the Hill goal but at times it could be hard to see what was happening at the Davin end. The big screen was right beside us so that more than compensated for this.