Wimbledon, Centre Court

Section 511, Row ZB, Seat 210

6 rows from back but great view. Could easily see every part of the court . In s...

~ Sheilar

Emirates Stadium

Section 20, Row 1, Seat 604

Arsenal FC, West Ham United F.C.

View towards North Bank goal. Picture taken 15 April 2014.

~ cherrynet

Villa Park

Section Trinity Rd, Row B6, Seat 141

Aston Villa, Reading F.C.

Aston, Birmingham, UK

Bramall Lane

Section John Street Stand Gangway G, Row M, Seat 175

England U21s, Scotland U21s
~ Hackey

Loftus Road

Section Y5 - School End (away), Row N, Seat 100

Queens Park Rangers, Aston Villa

Row N is the back row in the upper tier

~ drobrah

Murrayfield Stadium

Section W9, Row HH, Seat 9

Scotland, England
~ sjp_85

Wembley Stadium

Section 501, Row 13, Seat 30

Chelsea F.C., Southampton FC

Great view,right on halfway line, kept the atmosphere all round. Couldn’t have...

~ Haynes

Old Trafford

Section E132, Row CC, Seat 20

Manchester United, Swansea City A.F.C.

Old Trafford

Section N1407, Row BB, Seat 55

Manchester United, Swansea City

Great experience , ultimate atmosphere ,

~ DzOnALac

New York Stadium

Section South Stand

Rotherham United, MK Dons
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Wells Fargo Center

Section 216a, Row 8, Seat 8

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