Ricoh Arena

Section 1, Row H, Seat 13

Wasps, Exeter Chiefs

Emirates Stadium

Section 20, Row 1, Seat 604

Arsenal FC, West Ham United F.C.

View towards North Bank goal. Picture taken 15 April 2014.

~ cherrynet

Wembley Stadium

Section 129, Row 31, Seat 201

Wigan Athletic , Arsenal FC

FA Cup Semi-final 2014. Excellent view. Front row of upper section of this lower...

~ k1tsun3

Manchester Arena

Section 211, Row M, Seat 20

Adele, Adele Live 2016

Stamford Bridge

Section Matthew Harding Lower block 15, Row CC, Seat 148

Chelsea F.C., Swansea City A.F.C.

Home Side

~ Cloppa


Section 122, Row 22, Seat 0017

Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC

Croke Park

Section 328, Row NN, Seat 17

Mayo GAA, Dublin GAA

St Mary's Stadium

Section Away Section Block 46, Row LL, Seat 1192

Southampton FC, Liverpool FC

Lovely stadium and fantastic for away fans big capacity and not dodgy at all. Ni...

~ Joefootball

Meadow Lane

Section X3, Row E, Seat 70

Notts County FC, Sheffield Wednesday

Close to the action. Can be difficult to make out what's happening if the play i...

~ sjp_85

Hillsborough Stadium

Section X1, Row 16, Seat 175

Sheffield Wednesday, Norwich City
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Aviva Stadium

Section 116, Row Ee, Seat 23

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