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  • Academy of Music, section: Parquet Circle H, row: U, seat: 31
    La Boheme , Opera Philadelhia
    There's a column at your left knee, but there is still a decent view of the full stage.
  • anonymous 5 star theater seat view
    Academy of Music, section: Parquet Circle C, row: U, seat: 14
    La Boheme
    Opera Philadelphia
  • Lyric Opera House, section: First Balcony, row: R, seat: 1
    La Bohème
    Seat is a little high & far back. No obstructions, so you can see the whole stage and overhead projected translations. Bring opera glasses or binoculars if you want to see details
  • Metropolitan Opera House - Lincoln Center, section: Balcony, row: L, seat: 5