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High Scores


  • Durham Performing Arts Center, section: Orchestra 3, row: H, seat: 111
    Matinee - Saturday 5/28/16
  • Citizens Bank Opera House, section: LOBXLV, row: H, seat: 53
    Limit view for $24, not bad for the price
  • Citizens Bank Opera House, section: Orchestra LC, row: G, seat: 3
  • anonymous 5 star theater seat view
    Nederlander Theatre (Chicago), section: Orchestra R, row: U
    Small theatre - really not a bad seat even in the far back of the orhcestra section
  • anonymous 4 star theater seat view
    Richard Rodgers Theatre, section: Orchestra R, row: V, seat: 14
    Great deal for these seats! Mezzanine overhang obstructs view for two moments of the show - not a big issue. Stadium seating ensures great sight lines and no heads in the way! (the camera was just held down at seat level because pics were not allowed)