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reissmeister has shared 9 photos from 8 venues.

Photos from reissmeister

Event Type: alloperatheatre
  • Above The Stag Theatre, row: E, seat: 7
    Grindr: The Opera!
    Small theatre. All seats will give great view.
  • Theatre Royal Haymarket, section: Stalls, row: S, seat: 2
    Great seats. Balcony overhang cut off top of set but no performance!
  • Apollo Victoria Theatre, section: Stalls, row: A, seat: 25
    Front and Centre. Can see everything. There's nothing like experience Defying Gravity that close *Day Seat*
  • Arts Theatre, section: Stalls, row: M, seat: 8
    Good view. Balcony overhang cut off top. For this show it didn't matter but may do for others!
  • Dominion Theatre, section: Circle, row: E, seat: 48
    Bat Out of Hell
    Ok. Cut off A LOT of stage left activity. Would book more central next time.
  • Gielgud Theatre, section: Stalls, row: S, seat: 23
    Perfect view. Slight balcony overhang cuts off top of the stage but was never needed anyway!
  • Phoenix Theatre, section: Stalls, row: AA, seat: 6
    Come From Away , Come From Away
    PERFECT! You may not see fully upstage but you don't really need to. If you are on the shorter side you may be craning your neck a bit to look up but I honestly didn't find it bad. I'd happily sit here again!
  • Phoenix Theatre, section: Grand Circle, row: D, seat: 21
    Come From Away
    The seats were decent! Just had someone tall in front so bad to slightly peer to the side when some downstage action happened but still great view!
  • Wyndham's Theatre, section: Grand Circle, row: C, seat: 8
    The Catherine Tate Show Live
    Grand Circle is high and may be a bit squashed but view is PERFECT