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  • Lyceum Theatre (Broadway), section: Orchestra, row: O, seat: 104
    The Play That Goes Wrong
    Very back row of the orchestra BUT it had a little rise so you didn't have anyone's head obstructing your vision, and you had extra leg room! GREAT seat!
  • Nederlander Theatre, section: Mezzanine, row: C, seat: 111
    War Paint
    Terrific seat! Near the front of the balcony, nearly center.
  • New World Stages - Stage 5, section: Orchestra, row: A, seat: 5
    Front Row and just off center! Doesn't get closer than this. A great seat, saw everything, no craning of neck or anything.
  • New World Stages - Stage 4, section: Orchestra, row: D, seat: 8
    A Clockwork Orange
    Off to the side, but a great seat! No trouble seeing everything.
  • Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, section: Orchestra L, row: D, seat: 14
    Come From Away
    Partial View but had no trouble seeing everything; the show is focused at center stage. Very close, could see faces great!