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University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Guide

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Popular Venues at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

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Catch A Game Or Show

Fri, Mar 22

Rockford IceHogs at Milwaukee Admirals

UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sat, Mar 23

Florida Tropics at Milwaukee Wave

UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sun, Mar 24

Chris Tomlin

UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena

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UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Sunday, 31 Mar - 01:05 PM
StubHub $42
Tickets Tickets
UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Wednesday, 3 Apr - 07:00 PM
StubHub $22
Tickets Tickets
UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Friday, 5 Apr - 07:00 PM
StubHub $23
Tickets Tickets
UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Saturday, 6 Apr - 06:00 PM
StubHub $23
Tickets Tickets
UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena
Tuesday, 9 Apr - 07:00 PM
StubHub $22
Tickets Tickets

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