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City Guide for Cambridge, Massachusetts
Fun things to do in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Mon, Oct 14

MUNA with Chelsea Jade

The Sinclair
Wed, Oct 16
Sat, Oct 19

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The Sinclair
Monday, 14 Oct - 08:00 PM
StubHub $54
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The Sinclair
Wednesday, 16 Oct - 08:00 PM
StubHub $79
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The Sinclair
Saturday, 19 Oct - 08:00 PM
StubHub $115
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The Sinclair
Sunday, 20 Oct - 08:00 PM
StubHub $63
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The Sinclair
Friday, 1 Nov - 09:00 PM
StubHub $59
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The Sinclair
Sunday, 24 Nov - 08:00 PM
StubHub $64
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Top Restaurants


Ampersand 5 star rating

Ampersand serves delicious and creative fusion cuisine. The egg custard with bacon dashi was perfect, and I could never go back to eating miso-less...
The Hawthorne

The Hawthorne 4.5 star rating

Cocktail Bars
Truly terrific craft cocktails in a super cool environment that's just the right amount of hipster ;) In addition to dropping by on the odd night out I've...
Blaze Fast Fire'd Pizza

Blaze Fast Fire'd Pizza 4.5 star rating

Salad, Pizza, Fast Food
I recently waited outside Blaze on a windy, 22 degree (F) afternoon on the 14th of March, known to many as Pi Day, for approximately 47 minutes. The reason...
Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasty 4.5 star rating

Cornish Pasty is the Bee's Knees. Whether you're fancying a pasties or like to go on a bender, this joint is your stop. My mate and I stopped in for a...
Oleana Restaurant

Oleana Restaurant 4.5 star rating

Visited from Atlanta, Oleana most definitely lived up to its hype. Our waitress walked us through the different ways to order (e.g. all small plates vs 2...
Manoa Poke Shop

Manoa Poke Shop 4.5 star rating

Poke, Hawaiian, Seafood
Quality poke! I was a first timer and the staff was very patient and helpful when I was navigating the food choices. The atmosphere is very relaxed and...
In House Cafe

In House Cafe 4.5 star rating

Coffee & Tea, Breakfast & Brunch, American (New)
Third time I've been here. The food is tasty and fresh, the service is good, and the atmosphere is quirky and great. I love this place and it's quickly...